We were watching the news last night and they had an item on the situation in Zimbabwe. I was there for business for a fortnight in 1995, and remember the general view being that apart from South Africa, Zim was a pretty good place to live and work by comparison to the rest of Africa. I am terribly sad to see how it has changed, and especially to see that average life expectancy is now in the mid 30’s, and the lowest in Africa.

I guess the seeds were there even then though. The photo below was taken whilst we went on a day-trip to some caves. The first ~10 miles from Harare were on a perfect dual carriageway – the best road surface I can recall anywhere in the world, though the mud huts shown are only a few meters from the road. The rest was unmade road as I recall. The first part went as far as where Mugabe has his house.

Shona huts at the side of the perfect road to Mugabe’s house

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  1. Olivia says:

    I agree. Last I heard Lee-Jane (who shared a room with me at St. James Avenue) said herparents had had to abandon their fruit farm and are not sure whether there will be anyway of getting back any of that investment and I think are concernedthat there isn’t the agricultural infastucturethere to get the country into a good position in terms of food production.

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