School garden party

Once again my low expectations of a school event (a garden party/picnic) have proved completely unfounded. We went to Kats school yesterday and it was very pleasant. Some of this due to the rare appearance of the sun admittedly, but it was generally a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon. Even Alan enjoyed it, and he had only come along as we were going into town afterwards to raid Waterstones prior to going on holiday! Several photos on Flickr here

070707 Katherine school picnic-000118.JPG

They had a magician there, who was probably aimed at the younger kids, but he had such a good delivery and such an expressive face that he was great fun for all :-

070707 Katherine school picnic-000159.JPG

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One Response to School garden party

  1. Olivia says:

    Not sure which section I am responding to here but fun to see some of what you’re doing/ musing over at the moment. Good to see you the other week too. Hope to catch up with S,A and K later on. Happy Birthday to Alan in the mean time (when it gets to August). We’ll have to sort out presents when you get back.

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