Why does project progress feel slow?

I’m half way through my gardening leave, and we’re just about to go away, so it’s a good time for me to to think about how far I’ve got along with ‘gardening leave’ projects so far. Some notes (for me really) below, but the summary is that I’ve got less done than I thought I’d have done. A good chunk of that is down to the rain, but I had expected the rate of getting things done to be much higher than it is when I’m working, and that just doesn’t seem to have been true.

Whilst I’m not quite sure why, my favourite hypotheses are that the lack of progress on the patio has upset the ‘getting stuff completed’ cadence, and that I underestimated how much I get done even when I am working, and so overestimated how much more would get done with more time. Whatever the cause, I’m going to have to plan carefully to ensure that there aren’t important open projects when I start the new job.

Current status :-

Invisible sub-woofer. Behind plan, but sensibly so given change to much larger driver, so I’m happy with that. I can probably finish it in a couple of days now.

Hydroponic greenhouse. Pretty much on track, since we weren’t planning to use it before hols & the design for the flood & drain system is sorted. However, it seems hard to stop water getting in around the base of the greenhouse which needs further work. Probably 3-4 days to get it properly established.

Patio/front garden. Original schedule now a distant and sad memory. No progress for a month or so on the patio, so also none on the deck or lawn. Original aim was to have the lawn down a month ago! The half that’s done looks great, but this has tripped me up a lot since I didn’t feel like weighing into new jobs with that one still half done, little expecting the incessant rain. Extra disappointing since I should probably have just paid to have it done anyway, and if I had we would have been bang on schedule. I could get it done easily in a week of good weather – here’s hoping it changes for when we get back. Deck and lawn will take another week or so.

Renewing central heating system. Roughly on schedule, since the goal was to have the old boiler out before we went away and it is. The most important to have done before the Autumn though! Probably 1-2 weeks of work since we want to replace the hot water system, and split the heating circulation.

Library/back room. The library part is at the early design stage, with the room stripped ready for decorating. Current issue is that we don’t know how we want to decorate it. An Art Deco theme feels like it might have some legs, but realistically it’s not going to get rapidly done unless/until we have a brainwave about design. All in all there’s probably 3-5 weeks of work including building the library shelves.

Small jobs. Not doing badly, though the more you look the more you find!

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