Aerodynamics at the airport

Currently mooching around Heathrow waiting to board. One of the attention grabbers is an F1 car. I haven’t seen one close up for a while, and I’m struck just how much effort must have gone into designing the aerodynamics. Photo shows the rear end which had about 10 winglets. I’ve always loved the idea of active aerodynamics though – might add some interest to actually watching the racing.

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2 Responses to Aerodynamics at the airport

  1. beryl says:

    Brilliant Blog. Did you notice that the passenger list on your itinerary has MR Sara Pye? Hope that doesn’t make TOO much difference!

  2. Libin Daniel says:

    Classic pic.
    I believe F doesn’t allow active flow control, I can be wrong though. It would have been awesome though.1

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