Useless Internet access in hotels

I thought I’d get up early today and load some of the good photos to Flickr – a change from lo-res camera phone stuff. There are a couple of PCs that can be used ‘by the minute’ – I’m on one right now.  But, though it allows the loading of photos, it does it via a super-useless program that compresses them down to 1/10 the size of cameraphone photos!  All other access is prohibited.  No note that it is so crippled before you use it.  Next time I’ll travel with a laptop – I did think about it this time, and should have done it.  What a waste of time

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2 Responses to Useless Internet access in hotels

  1. Olivia says:

    Yes Ian would have taken one (we managed two on the plane trip to Ireland!)
    I’ve enjoyed all the news and pictures even though i seem to have viewed them in reverse.

  2. Greg says:

    I took one to Dave’s wedding, and it was very helpful – sorted my photos whilst still in the hotel, and so could give a CD to Valeries mum the next day. It was still £15/day for internet access though – I didn’t pay! I wonder when internet access for free will become standard. I’d have thought it only needs one large business hotel to break ranks.

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