Falls are so impressive

This won’t get sent until we get back to Joburg, along with other msgs which may appear out of order, but I thought I’d write now while it’s all fresh. We went back to the falls this morning, and despite knowing what to expect we were again amazed. We also walked around the top, and from there you just see the huge river with no clue about the drop apart from the plume of spray. From the other side the water just disappears into a slot in the ground that is 2-3 as deep as it is wide.

You are rather trapped in the Zambezi Sun hotel, so we were stung for $35/head for a pretty rough buffet dinner – but we knew this from web reviews anyway. We’re hoping to go to the Livingstone Hotel for dinner tonight, and if we were doing this again we’d stay there instead – the extra cost would be worth it. But, nothing takes away from the majesty of the falls.

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