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Cool camera coming out

Casio have announced a cool new camera coming out next year (see here). Most stuff is standard, but it will take photos at a rate of 60/second at full resolution and 300/second at VGA resolution. I rarely get really excited … Continue reading

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Carbon offset confusion

Warning – this is a bit of a ramble/stream of conciousness. I am trying to get my head around the carbon trading (and especially personal offsetting) industry. Whilst it seems a good thing to do on the face of it, … Continue reading

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Hardwood is, well, hard

We are finally laying the Ipe decking – my first serious go at working with a proper dense hardwood. And it is hard.  Fortunately I’m not trying to saw it by hand – that would be a back-breaker. Instead I … Continue reading

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Progress on the deck

EDIT – it would appear that the editor on WordPress is working again.  I wrote this post several times but it kept losing the words.  The pictures tell the story really though.  In short, we’ve taken time to get the … Continue reading

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Defunct XBox 360

We have joined the legion of XBox 360 owners with a bricked machine. The dreaded ‘red ring of death’. It really is an astonishing faux pas by Microsoft, who have now admitted that the issue is widespread and have set … Continue reading

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