Patio is done + some lessons learnt

I finally finished the patio. A lot of effort, but it looks great (photo from a slightly odd angle, but gives a good impression – the white thing is parasol base, and the smallest stones are 1 foot square, which gives an idea of scale) :-

070909 Patio-000001.JPG

Some lessons learned :-

  • I should have got someone else to do it.  It was neither particularly fun, nor something I can do better than an average tradesman.  Good feeling of achievement though.
  • I sussed out how to use a laser level to get really accurate levels.  I used a water level first to establish a really good level on several reference posts.  I then measured the distance of each post from the wall and used that to calculate a correction so that the patio would have the right fall.  Then, each time I wanted a level I used the laser level on a tripod and calibrated it to the reference posts.  After that, anywhere I aimed the laser would have a very accurate height above the desired patio level.  This sounds a palaver, but it worked superbly well.
  • The Indian sandstone looks good, but some of the slabs were a little thin which made them hard to lay.  I might have done better with yorkstone or similar which comes in thicker slabs
  • Laying on a dry-mix full bed was pretty easy.  Lots of material to shift, but it is reputed to be much much better than spot-bed over the long term – less chance of wobbling.
  • There’s a really good web site with loads of useful info –
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2 Responses to Patio is done + some lessons learnt

  1. Jim Pye says:

    Well done Greg, I have some paving to do at farnham so I know where to go for tips.

  2. Frank C says:

    Well done greg – just think of the satisfaction from a job well done!!!! Sara should know all about levelling as a Building Surveyor – accuracy in building is a well know factor. If it lines up with anything adjacent well done if not a large sledge hammer will usually perswade the object into place.

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