Bulk update from Spain

For reasons I don´t pretend to understand, blogging from my mobile has come to a grinding halt.  Flickr won´t recognise the messages from Virgin any more, despite working flawlessly in South Africa.  So, I´m doing this from the super internet acess in the hotel – no mucking about with paying, this is free Wifi and free PC access.

Well, the trip was fine.  We left the absolutely pouring rain in the UK (see below).  Made for an impressive amount of spray as planes landed though


The hotel in Malaga is pretty cool.  It was touted as pretty funky, and it is.  Maybe what Philippe Stark would have done if he did hotels.  It even has a slide down to the ground floor which, of course we´ve had to try :-


Funky hotel environment doesn´t seem to have rubbed off on the staff though – normal surley Spanish service well in evidence. 

The Med which is lovely, though for some reason when we were there this evening, the wave level suddenly got higher, starting with a huge one that got about half the folks on the beach grabbing their stuff and legging it out of the way. Anyway, we’ve all had a lovely swim.


Enough.  Doing this on a Windows machine in Spanish is getting complex.

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