Lifes a beach

We´ve just got back from spending all day at the beach.  Alan and Kat have spent pretty much all that time in the water, washing about in the waves.  They´ve had a lovely time though they have got scratches from the sharp sand.  Sa and I did both swim, but spent more time on the beach reading, and trying to avoid a sun shade we bought blowing away in the quite reasonable wind.  The sand was too soft, and the shade kept working loose and blowing inside out (not great for somethign that cost over 15 quid!).  However, I finally managed to rig it by using one of our rucksacks twisted around the catch to hold it down, and a T shirt tied to one rung to keep it in position.

Anyway, though everyone enjoyed today, we are debating whether to repeat tomorrow as there are various sand-grazes and the like on the kids.  I guess we´ll see how well the ever magic Sudocream works.

I´ve just caught up with the news about the earthquake in Peru.  It looks bad, and so it´s a bit of a relief that we aren´t there as it was a serious plan for quite a while.

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