Final thoughts from Spain

Now I’ve loaded the photos, they’ve reminded me of a few things I found entertaining on our trip. I’ll keep photos small – bigger version on Flickr.


The hotel was fab. It was sold as very modern, and it was. We think it had only been open a month or so, so it was pretty empty. But, the bar and rooms were very funky. Previous post showed the ‘Girly gossip’ room that Kat and Sa made good use of. It was a super little round, pink lit, bubble room that was very discrete, whilst being part of the bar. It wasn’t just the bar – for example, the photo shows the lights over the lobby. We took a cab when we arrived which in the end turned out to be a little embarrassing as the hotel is actually connected to the main train station.
070818 Malaga 009.jpg


There are some better photos of the huge slide at aqualand. The drop really was huge, and the speed as you got to the bottom was so high that adults planed across the surface of the water splash – I have the bruises on my behind to show how hard that was!
070818 Malaga 021.jpg

070818 Malaga 024.jpg

Bus trip around Malaga

On the last day we decided to have a look at Malaga. We started out walking, but frankly it was just too hot, so we wimped out and got a hop on/hop off bus ticket instead.

One thing that tickled me as we went was seeing a women trying to make a call right behind a loud band that was playing in a square. They were loud even from 40 metres where we were. I wonder how well she was succeeding, even with her finger in her ear, and why she didn’t move!

Difficult mobile phone call

I was also surprised how many trees and palms there were in the town. There were wide boulevards, with old trees in – I guess there was a similar programme to that in Paris at some point. But, going beneath these big trees was a welcome level of coolness.

Trees in motion

The trip home

Malaga Airport was an experience. It was absolutely crammed with returning holidaymakers, rivaling Heathrow on a Monday morning. Since we were on a late flight we decided to have something to eat before we left. So, we tried the Malaga Airport ‘food market’. The name is a misnomer – ‘Food monopoly’ would be better, but that was what we had expected. What I had not expected was the sheep scale and speed. Most folks seemed to get something there, presumably because most flights were package deals/low cost airlines. They turn-around speed was astonishing. We were out with out food in about 5 minutes, despite them being very busy. And, whilst very basic, it hit the spot.

It was interesting to contrast this with the identically placed ‘market’ in Cape Town. There, the service was stunningly slow, even though the queues were small. They seemed woefully disorganised as well – for example, the chips ran out, and they looked surprised – after all, who’d guess that someone would buy them. So, they made chips only when the ran out, and made folks wait … and that meant that they ran out instantly since more people were waiting than they did portions for! At Malaga they served chips so fast that they made most fast food outlets look creaky .. and they were pretty good as well.

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One Response to Final thoughts from Spain

  1. Sorry about your poor service you got in Cape Town (my home town).

    Unfortuanately (but fortuanately in same cases) Capetonians are well known for their slow pace of life.

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