Theme park visit

Since I can’t blog direct from my phone at the moment, these posts were done by e-mail from the phone and collated later. No edits though, apart from adding the photos (set is here).

10:30 Off we go

Alan, Kat and I are at Drayton Manor (a theme park like Alton Towers) today for a birthday treat. Sa has stayed away as she has absolutely no interest in scary rides. I’ll update this post as we queue – currently we are waiting for G force which is a roller coaster where you have over 4 times the force of gravity. We got in early, and are near the front, with a huge queue behind us already.

12:15 Maelstrom

Against all expectations, the queues here are tiny. This is the first chance I’ve had to write after 6 rides. All great fun, though the 50 metre free fall drop is a little bit of a heart stopper, especially on the stand up one that leans you forward at 15 degrees! We still went three times, and I got some photos and video.

Edit – photo below shows the view from the top – you are looking down on some seriously high roller coasters!
070820 Drayton Manor-000023.jpg
… and this one shows Kat just after we started to drop
070820 Drayton Manor-000021.jpg
Right, time for the ride I genuinely am not looking forward to at all – Maelstrom.

12:39 Another go

Well, not as bad as I thought, though still way worse than the free drop. The ride is a disk on the end of long arm. You sit on the outside of the disk facing out while the disk rotates, and the arm swings about 20m off the ground. Your feet pass only a couple of feet over the ground. We’re having another go – I hope my stomach settles fast.

Edit – here ’tis in also it glory (or is that gory)
070820 Drayton Manor-000049.jpg

13:09 Ugh!

I confess that I am having to work at stabilising my stomach. I am never doing that ride again – it’s not scary, just nausea inducing. We are going on the stand-up roller coaster to settle stomachs. Not quite sure it will work! Even if it doesn’t, it stops Kat nagging about lunch (which she did as the last ride came to a stop which made me feel worse. The girl has an iron stomach)

Edit – this is what we went on. Photo shows a different run though, with Alan and Katherine just about visible on the front row. Two loops, three barrel rolls, what was I thinking of!

070820 Drayton Manor-000069.jpg

13:27 Double ugh

To the potentially low surprise of many, that totally didn’t work. I was kind of hoping for a medium sized queue but it was tiny. I’ve dispatched the kids to get some food and I’m sitting quietly like an old woman (if that isn’t lacking in political aplomb).

15:02 Water

We’ve just been on the river ride and are rather wet. It has a backwards drop, that soaks riders at the back (where A and K were) and those at the front sometimes, as I found. We’ll try the ‘human dryer’ when we’ve done the other water ride.

15:20 Ducking for cover

The ‘dryer’ water ride eh. A got soaked by a large wave, and I was foolish enough to laugh at him. No prizes for guessing what happened next. Suffice to say that the camera proves to still be water resistant. Time for another go – still no queues!

Edit – here’s Alan after one of his soakings. You can see the water running off his hair.

070820 Drayton Manor-000116.jpg

16:24 More water

A session on the dryer and some chips have dealt with the water from what ended up being 3 rides on the rapids. Alan seemed to have a magnetic attraction for water – you could almost see it concentrating and focussing as it came near him, and he got absolutely saturated.

17:05 Our best amusement park day ever

A and K are going on the indoor revolver for the third time, but I am close to maxed out on rides, and am sitting it out. This really has been an excellent day, with perfect weather, and queues so short that we’ve never waited 10 minutes, even for front row seats. Mostly the longest delay is walking to each ride! We’ve done so many rides that they are well under a quid each effectively.

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