Beating the bank holiday DIY rush

Sa and I are shattered. Absolutely shattered. It was a good plan though.

Having researched the deck further, we found a supplier of hardwood deck from sustainable sources that was already finished (Woodtrend they are called). We gave them a ring this morning, and they said that not only did they have what we needed in stock, but that they could easily deliver it tomorrow morning. Since the weather is going to be nice, and Alan is still recovering from a nasty cold, the opportunity to really attack the job and crack it felt worth going for.  We did fear it might be a fortnight before we could get it done, and we’d be running out of summer.

However (why is there always a however) that meant getting the base ready, and it is a fair sized area, and we want to avoid it being bouncy, so it needs a lot of sub-structure. Knowing that it is a bank holiday tomorrow, Sa and I thought we’d get all the wood + post fixings and the like we needed today. That turned out to be quite a lot, and it has taken four loads on the roof rack of the jeep to shift it all. We were really having to work fast and hard to get it all before B&Q shut – we’ve only just finished. And, we’re absolutely whacked!

We had a lovely trip down to Wales in on Wed/Thu – it was a flying visit really to say hi to Sa’s parents and her Nan, but we saw Deb and Fe, and I spent a couple of hours with the kids rockpooling which they still seem to really enjoy :-

070823 Rockpools-000025.JPG

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