Defunct XBox 360

We have joined the legion of XBox 360 owners with a bricked machine. The dreaded ‘red ring of death’. It really is an astonishing faux pas by Microsoft, who have now admitted that the issue is widespread and have set aside over a billion dollars top fix it – which equates to replacing 1 in 3 machines they’ve ever sold apparently. All that aside, (and if I were a Microsoft shareholder I’d be steaming from that and many other issues that they have caused themselves) it is really annoying. No idea how long it will take to fix, but we’ve been using it instead of a DVD player recently, to play HD-DVDs as well … so that’s knocked out as well. At least Microsoft admitted that there was an issue and extended the warranty to 3 years for that issue (as well they might, to avoid ‘sale of goods act’ issues).

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