Hardwood is, well, hard

We are finally laying the Ipe decking – my first serious go at working with a proper dense hardwood. And it is hard.  Fortunately I’m not trying to saw it by hand – that would be a back-breaker. Instead I have bought a 1800W circular mitre saw which makes short work of it.  But, even drilling it is hard work.  The drill goes though easily enough, but the swarf (or whatever it’s called for wood) doesn’t go up the flutes of the drill – it needs removing by hand. Hole cutters (for decks lights) are even more tedious as the saw blades get clogged each mm that is cut, so making it a ~25 stage process to drill the holes.  Anyway, about 1/3 of the deck is now down, and it looks fabulous, especially with the deck lights switched on.  Despite the effort, I’m glad we decided to go for the Ipe rather than Cedar or Pine.

As an aside, Frank (Sa’s dad) has some of his pictures on the Swansea art society web page here – very impressive.

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