Another project done – deck is finished

It may look from the last photo on the blog that the deck was basically done.  As with all things though the finishing touches seem to take ages.  In this case the top was done, but none of the boarding on the sides, nor the ‘fiddles’ at the edges to stop people falling backwards if they push a chair back.  I thought it would take a day, but on Sunday I seemed to be in a daze and made a few mistakes that slowed me down loads.  The final straw was running one screw going down into another going sideways, and snapping the screw off … and then snapping another 5 in getting the board back off! (the pilot holes through the lower Ipe planking were obviously not big enough).  I got most out with mole grips, but had to spend 30 mins with a junior hacksaw blade carefully cutting another one flush.  So, at that point I decided that I’d had enough and abandoned.  I spent the rest of the afternoon playing with sub-woofer equalization to check that placement of the new driver would be optimum – much more entertaining.

Anyway, yesterday we got it all finished – last boards on, and decking oil applied to the whole lot.   The oil’s made it much darker, as we knew it would, so it now looks slightly darker than the last photo, and when it gets wet I think it’ll look much darker.  But, it does look superb, if we say so ourselves.  And, it feels good to have another project done.  Now, on with sussing out what to do with our house heating before t gets too cold.

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