Tax returns and filing paperwork

I mean how hard can it be to just file the docs in the right place when they come in so that they can be found easily?  Every year I tell myself I’ll be better, and every year I seem to get worse.  This year I can find the P11D (the note about benefits in kind), and so far that’s it!  There are files that the docs should be in, but sadly they aren’t.  I’m not quite sure why we have got so disorganised this year, but I have now set to to completely check and refile the filing cabinet.  And that’s before doing that actual form, which I had a look at this morning, and there are some complex bits around shares to do.

And speech day for A to go to tonight as well.  I’ll be on the whisky later on.

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One Response to Tax returns and filing paperwork

  1. Frank C says:

    You are not alone with filing Greg!!!! I am always re-filing everythihg – that’s the trouble I never actually finish filing my system before some nutter comes along and re-arranges it again saying they are re-filing!!!!!

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