Bats are back

A few years ago we used to see bats regularly in the evening.  They used to roost at Clifton Hall, and the developers had to make huge efforts to make a new roostery for the bats and persuade them to move.  I haven’t seen any for a couple of years, so I did worry that we’d lost them, and they do look cool and eat bugs (of which we have a lot, mostly ones that bite!).  But last night as I finished levelling the ground for a new lawn, I spotted one flying around near the house.

Makes me recall the last time we saw one which was when it flew into the lounge.  We had the patio doors open, and it flew in, but then couldn’t seem to detect the door from inside, so it flew round and round (a bit freaky until we worked out what it was!).  We managed to chase it outside after 5 minutes or so, but it was hard work as it was moving 10 times faster than us, and up near the ceiling where we aren’t.

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