Frogs and toads

Earlier this year Alan did a project about the web of animals found near a pond. He did a pretty good job of it, but as I went though a draft I was quizzing him on his assumed animal densities. For most he had a solid evidence base (X sampled in Y volume of water multiplied up by the total water volume sort of thing). But, for frogs he had a very high number, but based on seeing a only a couple near the lake – he extrapolated out over the whole assumed range and came out with a gigantic number. I suggested that you simply didn’t see frogs at the rate you’d expect given his numbers.

I still think his number was out, but sadly I think he may have much closer than my suggestion at the time. In doing things around the garden across the summer, we have found a simply astonishing number of frogs and toads. I must have moved 30+ to safer spots so far, and at least the same number made their own way to safety, or were already in safe spots. Most surprising of all was today when clearing the garage. I took hold of a big pile of waste tissue paper that was a fair way back in the garage, and found myself holding a large toad which was sitting happily underneath! There isn’t a pond in our garden (not yet, anyway), so I don’t think they’re concentrated there. So, I think I am going to have to concede that A was closer to the mark than me. Chalk that one up to hubris, since I realise I had no better information than he did.

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