Well, the boiler replacement is well underway.  I confess that there I felt pretty low as I started, simply, I think, because there was no break between finishing the garden and starting this job.  The early parts of this job are also pretty frustrating.  I’ve been flushing out the old system, replacing the old knackered thermostatic valves on several radiators whilst I have a chance, and pressure testing everything since we intend to go to a fully sealed system.

It has been a voyage of discovery as I trace the existing pipework.  The feed and vent pipes were not connected in the right place for a start.  I already knew that they were wrong since the vent pipe is supposed to rise directly from the boiler … but in our case it first went down, then across 5 meters, then up to the first story, then back another 5!  It also transpired that there were two connections to the vent and two to the feed (one for water and one for heating).  They also came from different sides of the pumps.  All in all, it’s little wonder that the system has always had an issue with water coming through the vent tube in normal operation, and makes us definitely want to move to a sealed system, even though we need to be careful to test that the pressure will be OK.

We shouldn’t be surprised to find odd stuff since we have come to the conclusion that this house was built on a succession of Friday afternoons.  Another annoyance we found was that a major pipework junction is underneath the hot water tank.  We wanted to split the upstairs and downstairs heating circuits, but short of removing the tank and all it’s associated pipework it now looks like that’s a non-starter.  On the plus side it probably saved me a day!

BTW, I do know that this work needs building regulation approval.  It’s in hand, and I have to say that the building control folks are very helpful.  In fact, every time I’ve needed to contact the council I’ve found them very helpful.

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