Bioshock disappointment

I used to play video games quite a bit, but have not felt that anything was sufficiently exciting to spend material time on lately. One game that has been in development for years, and sounded like it would be awesome is Bioshock. It’s also set in an Art Nouveau underwater city, and I’m a sucker for Art Nouveau. So, I have been looking forward to it’s release, and thought it might be something I could get into.

Well, now our Xbox 360 is back – or more accurately, now we’ve had it replaced – I thought I’d download the demo to have a look. I almost didn’t bother since it’s a huge download, but I’m glad I did. The graphics are superb, and there has clearly been a lot of work put into the whole feel of it. But, and it’s a big but, having spent an hour or so playing it, it absolutely didn’t engage me. It is supposed to be confusing, but I felt it to be simply disjointed. There were pieces that didn’t make any sense (like the hacking of defence systems which was just a minigame about pipes – what has that to do with anything?). Of course I could be wrong – maybe it gets good as you progress. But, I’m afraid it didn’t even reach the level of engagement required to want to bother playing further. It has had great reviews, but obviously they were after something different.

Anyway, Halo 3 is out next week though, and I have high hopes.

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