Autumn is on the way

We went for a lovely stroll through the wood today. It’s obvious that there have been less folks there this year since many of the paths are pretty overgrown :-

Overgrown path

You can also see autumn on the way. It looked odd to see a small chestnut tree with it’s few leaves all turning brown :-

Autumns coming

There are clearly plans afoot to replace huge chunks of our water main, as one normally clear field how has huge amounts of large blue water pipe sections strung out across it :-

Water pipe

Sa spotted some folks ‘zorbing’ down a nearby hill. It’s where you roll down a hill inside an inflatable ball. Looks quite entertaining, but I suspect it would be a bit like the fairground rides that leave me feeling like my stomach is upside down. :-


Also pretty clear that Alan is getting to be as tall as Sa :-

Mother and son

All in all a very pleasant stroll

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