The shame – engineering credentials in tatters ;-)

This morning Sara’s Espace wouldn’t start. We tried a jump-starter battery thing. No joy. We tried jump-leads to the Jeep. No joy. We said several unprintable things about Renaults and called the AA. He has just arrived, and using his jump-starter battery it started straight away. Why? Because our jump-starter battery and our jump leads were not big enough for a big diesel engine. I knew that bigger engines needed sizeable leads/batteries – why did the obvious not occur to me? I must be getting rusty. Anyway, I think I shall go shopping for some jump-leads for tractors.

As an aside, his thought on why it wouldn’t start was that there was an interior light turned on. That proved accurate, but did surprise me. The light looks like about 10W tops, so over even a day it should only pull 24 Amp hours from the battery, and the battery is 85 Amp hour rated. So, it should have had at least half charge … apparently thats not enough.

Edit –  It failed the next day as well.  Turns out that the battery did have a faulty cell, and in addition it is possible that there was a constant draw on the battery even when everything was switched off.  In short, I don’t feel so bad any more, even though we are being fleeced by Renault for a new battery.

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