New flue is in – an easy job in the end

Whilst I was/am confident in doing it, I admit to having a few concerns about how hard the installation of the new flue through the roof might be.  There was an existing flue which we hoped would ease the job, but it was a different size.  In addition, it meant maneuvering the new 4 foot flue end through the rubber seal on the flashing plate, at the same time as getting the flashing plate to fit in the half-moon profile roof tiles properly … whilst at the top of a tall ladder (don’t worry Breff – I was careful!).  All in all it had the makings of something that could easily take all day, and I thought I might also need to cut new tiles.

Actually, it took me less than an hour and a half, including getting everything out, removing the old flue, all the fitting and even putting all tools, ladders etc. away.  I don’t think it reduces the chance of it being a horrible horrible job another time, but this time everything just went together perfectly, and first time.  Even the size difference didn’t cause any issue.

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2 Responses to New flue is in – an easy job in the end

  1. Michael Keeton says:

    Greg, don’ you think this is a potentially lethal job for you to be taking on. Hopefully the gardening leave will end soon before you decide to attempt open-heart surgery on your family 😉

  2. Greg says:

    I’ve got a week and a half left … and heart surgery can’t be as hard as it’s made out to be. But, maybe I better finish the heating or we’ll all freeze.

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