Plumbing nearly done … enthusiasm waining

I have nearly finished the plumbing – thank goodness, since I feel like Steve Redgrave after his last Olympic race – if anyone sees me think about plumbing again they can shoot me. The boiler room looks a little like something that NASA would have built :-


I’m quite pleased with how it’s gone together – it’s fairly neat. However, I have yet to see if all the joints are watertight – I’ve tested much of it as sub-systems, but it is pretty involved.. The pipes you can see going through the wall at the bottom of the photo branch out again with nearly as much new pipework in the next room along.  If any keen-eyed folks are wondering what the black cylinder is – it’s a magnetic sludge trap called a MagnaClean.  Seems like a good idea – I’ll be interested to see what it catches over time (the system is completely clean at the moment).

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