Obesity is NOT a “potential crisis on the scale of climate change”

See here for a story on BBC news about this silly statement by the Health Secretary Alan Johnson.  I am not saying that rising obesity isn’t an issue, just that the comparison is misguided.  Climate change affects has several attributes that make it orders of magnitude worse.  It is much much more irreversible – obesity can be fixed by diet and exercise.  Climate change affects everyone in the world – obesity affects only the group who pays taxes for the group in which it is rising.  Even then, were the cost to become a burden, the policies could be changed to reduce the support costs.  Changes on climate change require very difficult discussions between all nations, including balancing the ‘rights’ of emerging economies with the need for an overall drop.  Obesity policy can be handled country by country.  There are more.

This annoys me because it dilutes the climate change message by riding erroneously on its coat tails.  It also shows a lack of care in how people in authority talk about, and maybe think about, issues.

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One Response to Obesity is NOT a “potential crisis on the scale of climate change”

  1. mo79uk says:

    Next, obesity will be connected to causing climate change. Earth just can’t cope! 😉

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