End of garden leave

Well, my 6 months gardening leave is finally over, and I’m back off to work on the 7am train today.  That sounds like a comment about being stuck in a long waiting list, and it clearly isn’t – it’s been great.  But, it feels good to be now going back to work. That may pass when I get a deluge of e-mails again – it’s been rather nice getting just one or two a day and knowing that they are probably from friends.

It’s surprised me that I didn’t enjoy time to do projects more.  I think I normally get pleasure and relaxation from them as as a change to work, so spending months doing stuff as a main activity ended up making me feel less good than I expected.  Still nice to see stuff done, but I should probably have spent time on more frivolous projects, strange as it sounds.  And, having started it before I resigned, I actually didn’t manage to find the time to finish the sub-woofer.  I decided that although it’s only a day or so of work I’d leave it for a coming weekend rather than bust a gut in the last few days.

So, I better go and see if I can remember what work is all about.  Apparently I have a conference call before I’ve even got into the office for the first time!

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