New job, new folks to shoot

It was the first week at my new job last week. And, I have to say I enjoyed being back at work (though folks from work might read this, so I could hardly say otherwise 😉 It’s true though). There is of course a fairly steep learning curve as I get to understand what’s going on. However, there was also a strategy session which concluded with a paintballing session for the leadership team (for others reading this – yes, we did do a heap of work on strategy as well). I’m not quite clear why paintballing was chosen – possibly because someone said the ‘leadership team needing shooting’, and the context was misunderstood. Anyway, it was great fun. I ought to be able to say that it’s not often you get to shoot your peers in the first week of a job, but I actually recall doing this in the first week of the last job as well.

I did take a few photos, though it was with a camera I didn’t care too much about, and I think it’s showing its age and it’s not that great at photos in a wood. Anyway, excuses over

Here’s our august leader being shown respect by his team, who appear to have aimed right between the eyes. Edit – I’m told by our head of Sales that it was him … and it may well be now I look again:-

Ken is shown respect by his team

The head of HR showed true commitment in capturing the flag – sliding down a very muddy bank :-

Capturing the flag

There was also a fair bit of what can only be described as hiding – you can see them in a Flickr set here. As ever, I’ve kept names and clearly identifiable photos of individuals off this blog and public flickr access – there are a couple in that set, so if you want to see them, you’ll have to have a Flickr account and ask for friend access.

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One Response to New job, new folks to shoot

  1. Carolyn Francis says:

    Thought you might want to know that this went round the office.

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