Recycling – a surprising success

A few months ago our village became part of the council scheme to collect recyclable waste in special bins.  We were intrigued to see how well this worked, not least since it meant our normal bin would only be collected once a fortnight, and it was often full when collected once a week.   Our expectation, since we already recycled glass and metal, was that we’d manage to get a fair amount more stuff in the recyclable waste, but would have to work hard to manage with the more limited main bin collection.

We were wrong.  Time and again it has been the recycling bin that is absolutely chocker – it is again this week & I’ve had to spend a couple of minutes ramming stuff down to make space.  And that’s without counting glass which can’t go in that bin.  The main bin, however, has only been really stuffed a couple of times.  And, one of those was when Alan got the wrong recycling bin for garden waste, and dumped half a bin load of grass cuttings on top of the carefully cleaned plastic etc. … so I had to empty and separate it, and as ‘contaminated’ waste, put all the recyclable stuff in the normal bin (lovely job as I didn’t realise until a few days later, by which time the grass was a bit whiffy).

So, we now have a double benefit of not only recycling much more than we did before, but needing to cut down on packaging just so we can manage inside the one recycling bin/fortnight.

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