Windy morning

Since I’m no longer biking to work I thought I’d better get out for some exercise at the weekend, so I went out for a morning bike ride this morning. It does feel easy to head out at 7:30 on a Sunday when your bodyclock tells you it’s 8:30. I knew it would be a bit windy since we’d heard it overnight. Whilst I’ve seen worse around here (we lost our gates in the wind once), it was pretty hard work cycling into the wind. Nice to turn around though, and feel like a god doing 20+ mph on a dirt track with hardly any effort.

I was trying to take some photos to show how windy it was, but found myself rather limited by the Canon S2 IS I took with me – turns it has a min f stop of only f8, so anything longer than about half a second was overexposed. I’ll maybe take the SLR next time, where a quick check shows my two favourite lenses with min stops of F22 and f32, though it is a bit of a beast to take on a bike ride. Even so, it was clear how much wind was in the willows.

Wind in the willows

I also saw a small dredger slowly decaying into a lake. Whilst in general I’d rather folks removed broken down machinery, sometimes seeing how nature reclaims them can be quite attractive.

Dun dreging

Right, time to track down all the devices with clocks and put them back (if I can remember the unique incantation each requires)

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