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Sulphite intolerance and wine

Over the last few years I seem to have developed an increasing intolerance to sulphites (and maybe amines at the same time) in food. I first noticed it, though didn’t understand why, when I worked at McKinsey. I used have … Continue reading

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I read about an emoticon that I hadn’t seen before – ❤ which signifies love (It’s a heart, turned on it’s side).  There are various silly derivatives like <$ (gold-digger), and </3 (broken hearted).  But, the best one of all … Continue reading

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“Don’t tell my mum I work on the rigs”

Breff gave me some interesting looking books for my birthday …. and stupidly I then left them at home. Having forgotten any books last week, and regretted it, I bought two in Smiths at the train station. One is a … Continue reading

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First snow of the season

It’s been getting colder all day, and raining as well, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s now snowing heavily.  But, as ever, we were all surprised.  I don’t think it’ll settle as the ground is too warm, but … Continue reading

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We went to a science park called Magna yesterday. It’s aimed at kids, but is built in an old steelworks at Rotherham. The old steelworks was far more interesting to me – proper engineering, with 100 tonne cranes and the … Continue reading

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