Low loader entertainment

I need to find a way of updating the blog during the week – I see stuff that entertains me and then forget by the time I get to the weekend.  This time I also had no camera – a real pity since it would have been a sight.

The thing that amused me was seeing a huge scissor lift construction vehicle being picked up on a low-loader.  I’m a bit confused about why it was as massive as it looked.  It could clearly go very high (15-20 metres I’d guess) and had a huge work platform, but didn’t look like it could handle more than people.  Anyway, it was being picked up by a real heavy-lift low loader – this thing had four axles at the back and was very long.  The first entertainment was watching the guy driving the lift going down beside the low loader. He clearly hadn’t thought about it and started facing the wrong way with the steering wheels at the back.  This made it very hard to manouver past the loader, and he was scraping the kerb a fair bit.  It also made it hard when he came to align the lift with the loader – the steering wheels were now in the direction of travel, so he had to do huge number of to and fro shuffles to get the lift aligned right.  All in all he must have taken 30 minutes to do what should have taken 5.

Then the real entertainment started.   The guys had put railway sleepers between the road and the deck of the loader, obviously trying to give the lift a very low gradient.  Even then the lift had barely enough power to get onto the start of the sleepers.  Progress was made slowly, and they managed to get the front wheels of the lift onto the deck of the loader.  But, as the back went up it was so heavy that both sleepers just bent so that they were flat to the road, and then as the wheels got close to the deck the sleepers broke.  I’ve no idea how heavy it was to actually break a pair of sleepers, but clearly ‘very’ would be a fair description.  The crew were then left with the lift half on and half off, sitting on broken sleepers and unable to move forward or backwards.  They faffed about for another 20 minutes making no progress, but irritating all the traffic that was waiting.  I had to go to a meeting then, and when I came back a couple of hours later it was all over.  But, I can’t recall when I’ve seen quite such a mess made of moving plant.

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