Sub in the floor project finished

It’s taken long enough, but I finally finished the sub-woofer in the floor. A few photos to help tell the story (full set here)

Here’s the room before I started, and then when completed – not too much difference which is exactly what we were aiming for. There is some trimming to do which will make it even less visible. :-

Before the work started

Final view - not to much to show for it

Of course there was a time when it looked less neat. Here’s the hole in the roof :-

A small aperture in the ceiling

Mounting the driver was slightly tricky since it weighs a lot, and had to be held to the roof whilst bolts were inserted. Thank heavens for the ceiling clamp you can see here, but even then it was hard work :-

Mounting the driver

With the door open (or off in this shot) you can see the driver, and the vent holes through the cupboard – it needs to be able to shove a lot of air around without restriction :-

View of driver inside cupboard

End result is that it’s in and neat and sounds pretty good. I haven’t equalized it yet, or worked out the safe limits for film effects, but all in all not bad for a day’s work. Especially since I didn’t actually start until 10.

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3 Responses to Sub in the floor project finished

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  3. Greg says:

    See for info on bass response – 13Hz – wow!

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