No lie in

I had a bit of a cold this week, and so felt a bit tired by the time I got to Friday. Yesterday we were up at normal time as Alan was at School for an Open Day. So, I thought I’d have a bit of a lie-in on Sunday. A bit indulgent, highly non-productive, and all the better for it.

The reality was rather different. We have a water bed* – and having said just that you can probably see where this is going already. I wasn’t even awake when I obviously moved a foot and it got suddenly cold and felt wet. I went from happily asleep to wide awake in a instant, confirming that it felt distinctly wet in the corner. And, sure enough, the cover over the actual water mattress was soaked over a foot square area right at the corner, and when I pulled it back there was water under the corner of the mattress.

A bit confusing really as it was dry all night, and the mattress is pretty tough, so you’d have to really stab it to make a tear. To add to the confusion, when I dried up the water, and there wasn’t that much in the end, I couldn’t find a leak anywhere. I’ve now been right around the mattress, lifting and inspecting, and can find nothing. I’m left wondering if it was water that had been under he mattress for ages, and some random motion in bed had compressed it down the edge and up the corner. It doesn’t feel a very compelling mechanism, but in the absence of a hole, its the only thing I can think of.

Edit.  I found the duvet was wet too, so there was no way it was some random movement and ‘old water’.  Further inspection and I’ve found a tiny tear – obviously it’s been a small fold on the corner that has been working back and forward for years and has finally given way.  But, if flat it doesn’t leak – only when you lie on the bed, hence failure to find it this morning.  Anyway, time to see if I can find the repair kit.

Anyway, any thought of a nice relaxing indulgent lie-in are long gone.

*To avoid inferences about why we got a water bed, I’d simply note that we got it as it is superbly comfortable. We were after a new mattress a couple of years ago, but on a comparative test the water bed was so much better than any mattress we could find that we decided to go for it. We’ve not regretted to since … though a repeat of this morning would potentially change my view somewhat!

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