We went to a science park called Magna yesterday. It’s aimed at kids, but is built in an old steelworks at Rotherham. The old steelworks was far more interesting to me – proper engineering, with 100 tonne cranes and the like.  You can see one of the steel smelters below – as an aside, I had to work hard to get this shot – it took 7 seconds, hand-held, balanced on a hand-rail!

071117 Magna-000002.JPG

(more photos on Flickr, including some of the family and Olly’s kids – but family access on those only)

There were also various themed science exhibits inside which entertained Olly’s kids, and A and K thought were quite cool as well.  But, though enjoyable, we did think they could probably have made more of it.  It feels like a Millennium project that took money to do it, but doesn’t have quite enough money to maintain it.

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  1. We went to a similar place in Halifax called Eureka. The kids had fun. Some interesting exhibits. But clearly in decline since running out of the initial government grant.

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