Fixed blackberry cropped photos

A couple of weeks ago I posted some photos directly from my blackberry to this blog, via Flickr.  It worked a treat, but it appears that if you set the camera on the blackberry to its highest res, then it can crop the photo as it compresses it to send (the photo is fine whilst on the device).  This is very annoying, as the camera isn’t so great to start with, so I don’t want to set it to a lower res.  However, I thought I could fix this easily by uploading the photos directly from the storage card in the blackberry, then replacing the images on Flickr.

Well, I did this, and it immediately fixed the images on Flickr – they actually look pretty good.  However, it appears that the links that Flickr uses when it creates the blog post aren’t its own recommended type, they are much ‘harder’ links that point to the original file.  This file gets removed as the photo is updated, and so the blog then shows a blank space instead.  Well, I’ve edited the blog pages to relink back to the right file, but it did seem like a palaver.

The slightly strange thing is that I can find no mention of such an issue with Blackberry phones anywhere on the internet.

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