New lens

I asked for a Porsche and Sara gave me a Porsche.  Memo to self – be more specific next time about it being a real car.  She also gave me the new lens I took the photo with – a 50mm f1.4 prime.  The Depth of Field (the bit that is in focus) at f1.4 is tiny, as you can see from this shot.  The front of the car is in focus, the back is not … and it’s only 1.5 inches long.   That is, however, half the fun – the other half is being able to shoot in natural light even when there isn’t much light.

Two birthday pressies

It’s really intended to be a portrait lens, and there’s a few test photos of Alan, Katherine, Sara, and me on Flickr (family access only).  But here’s one I took of some flowers on a windowsill, showing again the super-short depth of field at f1.4:-

Flowers on the windowsill

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