Kats party & sharp eyes

Katherine had her birthday party over the last couple of days. Three friends stayed overnight, and four more came today. It was one of the best behaved parties we can remember – e.g. room left spotless after they had all stayed. Even a highly democratic chocolate game (see photo below) in which the chocolate was shared out at the end. Not quite the idea, but it was very civilised! Loads of other photos on Flickr in a set here, though all but this one are family only I’m afraid.

Edit – I forgot to mention the ‘sharp eyes’ competition that has been running this weekend. Runners up were Jasmine and Mandy who found an earring that Katherine had lost in the pool – they found the front and back respectively, right at the bottom of the pool. But, even though underwater spotting is good, it is beaten by Sara who found a contact lens also lost by Katherine. It was dropped in the bathroom, but had obviously bounced onto her clothes, and then dropped off again as she went up the stairs. Sa spotted it from the corner of her eye, after we had spent 30 minutes looking, and so is a clear winner.

071209 Kat party-000036.JPG

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