Snowboarding. I’m a believer

Greg and Snowboarding instructor

Well, I came, I saw, I triumphed. Snowboarding is a blast – I can’t believe I haven’t tried it before. Took a while to suss out one move due to duff instructions (and error on my part, if I let reality briefly in intrude on my ego). But, I was judged ‘recreational grade’ after lunch and let loose on the whole slope.

I did have to buy some boots to deal with pronated ankles, but I knew I would. They had to go on a heater so that the foam could be fitted, but there wasn’t time in the lunch break so I didn’t do it until later. Even without that, but with a fitted foot-bed, they were so much better than the hire boots I used in the morning.

Brilliant fun. Though my wrists, knees, coccyx, elbows may not feel so great tomorrow.

Kat was also doing the last lesson – see below, and getting exhausted (Photo here for family only) :-

Kat on the slopes

Edit – removed the naff photo of my boots and replaced with these. Easiest way of doing a blog entry remotely is via Flickr, so a photo of something is required!

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