Google Reader for RSS feeds and sharing

I read quite a few internet news and blog sites via an RSS reader (stands for Really Simple Syndication). It’s a great way of sorting the stuff you read so you can see what’s new and you don’t have to keep looking at the web site – you can do it with this blog for example.

So far I’ve use Akregator which is an off-line newsreader for the Linux KDE desktop. But, one thing that has irritated me is being able to re-find find the stuff that I’ve seen and liked amongst the deluge of new stuff. I’m also now reading things from a variety of places, and would like one common view of what I’ve seen … and that means using an on-line reader. So, I’ve moved to Google Reader which amongst things provides the ability to flag items as starred (so easy to find), or shared (so, easy to find and easy for other folks to see as well).

So, at the top right of this blog (when viewed on the web) you’ll find a link to my Google reader link blog. There’s no comment from me, just a straight link to stuff that I’ve seen and wanted to flag/share. You can also find it here.

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