Too much salt in sauces/stock

Once again, over Christmas, we have been surprised at just how salty most prepared sauces and stocks are.  We have been looking for a decent source of stocks, since we are too lazy to make our own too often.  We must have tried every variety of ‘premium’ stocks, and found them all to be very salty – sometimes so much that it simply spoils the taste of the food altogether.  I’ve just had a look on Tesco online, and found no low salt stocks out of 33 they have.  So, we are going to go back to making our own, which isn’t too time consuming if you plan it ahead, though it takes a long time and a lot of energy to reduce it to a concentrated form – we freeze it in ice cube bags which works great for later usage.

Prepared sauces seem to be even worse, with high levels of salt seeming to be endemic – and that’s salt you can taste – I have found that other foods have a lot of salt even if you can’t taste it – for example, a bowl of Cornflakes has more salt in that a bowl of sea water (haven’t checked the facts – comes from a web page on salt here. Another interesting page here).  I already knew that bread had a lot since I see how much is there when I make bread.  I have bought a bread bible called ‘Bread matters’ by Andrew Whitley’ that I hope will help us properly suss out how to make bread with less salt (the book is a fabulous polemic on the state of modern bread making, and the poor results obtained by the ‘Chorleywood bread Process’ – entertaining just to read).

Anyway, salt you can’t taste is almost a byline (though probably more important) – what has surprised all of us is just how salty stocks and sauce taste.  So, Sa and I have one new years resolution nailed – do more scratch cookery, and learn (finally) to do sauces properly.

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