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Nonsense braille message

This message has a braille section at the bottom. Admirable in general, but in this case it is surreal. It’s not just that its on the middle of a blank wall, and therefore unlikely to be found by a blind … Continue reading

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SocGen fraud – I can’t hold on any longer

The $7bn/£4bn fraud at Societe Generale is pretty stunning. I’m not clear whether it is a ‘normal’ fraud with someone pre-defined actually benefiting (the counter-party to the trades made I’d guess) or just snowballing incompetence with the trader trying to … Continue reading

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777 failure – fuel issue? Somewhat reassuring

In a recent post I noted that the 777 plane crash left me concerned, since the cause of the failures wasn’t obvious.  This article explains a little more of the investigation, and it does sound like there was something wrong … Continue reading

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The revenge of Gaia by James Lovelock

I thought that as he had been writing on environmental issues for decades, it might be interesting to read ‘The revenge of Gaia’ by James Lovelock (the guy who first popularised and named the idea of Gaia in the 70s). … Continue reading

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Heathrow plane crash leaves me worried about 777 safety

That might look a statement of the bleedin’ obvious, but the initial explanation of both engines failing at the same time leaves me rather concerned. Clearly, there is a common mode failure, so it’s not an issue of two engined … Continue reading

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