Buying the wrong bookcase

I am a big fan of tabbed browsers (ones where you can open multiple web pages, each on its own tab).  I’ve found them especially useful when trying to review various alternative products.  Well, yesterday I discovered the downside as well.  We’ve been trying to work out the right source for bookcases for a room we are decorating.  There’s a high ceiling, and we have a lot of books (~2500 from calculations yesterday – I thought it was more, but anyway, it looks a lot).  So, we wanted to get very tall bookcases, probably ones where you need a ladder to reach the top shelf or two.

There weren’t many options that high, but in the end I had tabs open for each of about four, including various google searches, multiple pages for each range/supplier, and ones for raw timber (buliding it from scratch was a real option).  We decided on what we think will look good, and thought we’d buy one bookcase to check the look and quality before we ordered them all.  So, I ploughed through the order  page, including a couple of false starts, and then hit return to complete it.  As I did so, I realised that whilst I had the right supplier, I had the right bookcase name, but in the wrong style.  Absolute schoolboy error that had come from having both ranges still open, and scrolled down to see what options there were (so hiding the design that was at the top of the page).  But, I still can’t quite believe that I managed to actually miss it through about 4 different screens.

So, maybe I will be a little more careful when having 15 tabs open in future.  Or, just a tiny bit more careful to check the confirmation page on ordering.  In the mean time, we’ll be chasing this morning in eth hope that the supplier isn’t too speedy!

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