777 failure – fuel issue? Somewhat reassuring

In a recent post I noted that the 777 plane crash left me concerned, since the cause of the failures wasn’t obvious.  This article explains a little more of the investigation, and it does sound like there was something wrong with the fuel flow – ice in the tanks due to extreme low temperatures or similar.  I’m still in intrigued to find out what failed and whether there were warnings – e.g. if the fuel heating system failed (on both wings) I’d have expected a warning since it would allow the pilots to cruse at lower altitude and allow the fuel to naturally heat up.  But, it does sound a little more like there were multiple failures/events that built off each other, which is somewhat reassuring on 777 safety overall (at least, it sounds like there is no concern over any other make of plane).  I’ve no long-haul flights planned in the immediate future, so we should know more before I need to make a call, but I think I’ll trust the 777 again for now.

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