Maybe not – it is broken

Only a small crack in the end of one of the arm bones, but rather puts paid to more boarding – will have a cast for a month. Might explain why it was so hard to put the boot bindings back on when I first hurt it (to get down the hill – I wasn’t trying to carry on!)
Hope I can use a camera, as the views are spectacular, and it appears I now have the time to appreciate them.


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2 Responses to Maybe not – it is broken

  1. Frank C says:

    Bad luck greg and on your first outing as well! Never mind you can pick up the bits of the others in your party as they try not to emulate you!


  2. Claire Morritt/Carolyn Francis says:

    Morning Greg

    Thats what you get for shaking certain peoples hands on a Friday.

    Hope you are right handed and then at least it will not stop you having a drink.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday

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