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Global downturn and climate change (and e-mails)

As I recall, in the mid to late 80’s there was a lot of discussion and passion about sustainability (at least in the UK). Then, at the end of the 90’s we had a recession, and interest moved away from … Continue reading

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Pudding protection

Kat still has something to learn about ladylike manners. She is troughing her way through a vast pudding at a navvy like rate of knots. And fending of raids from Sa and alan ( as in the photo).

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Cap 1 leaving do

Great to see Kartik, Hil, Mark, Prithvi, Srini and loads more of the old gang tonight. Yeshwanti – see, not every Blog post is about some arcane piece of trivia. Prithvi is right 😉 Edit. The Blackberry is a fine … Continue reading

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Often it’s the simple things that please

4 years ago we had our kitchen redone. We were and are very pleased with it. However, I find that two small jobs we’ve done have given a surprisingly large amount of pleasure, delivered in small doses every time we … Continue reading

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12v timer for hydroponic control (or boats/cars)

Note – this may seem a deeply detailed post, but I’m writing it up as I can see others having the same irritated search for 12v timers with the types of functionality you find on mains timers, and thought I … Continue reading

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