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Where did that queue come from?

Not sure what’s different about this Monday morning, but there is a huuuge queue for security. Ah – just passed the first desk and it looks like all in internet check-in documents are being scrutinised extra hard. I keep meaning … Continue reading

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Love the new instant messaging on facebook

Facebook just added Instant messaging, as a bottom bar on the screen.  I’ve never been a big IM user, but I do like the facebook integration as it prompts conversations with folks you wouldn’t otherwise chat to right then.  It … Continue reading

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Ballustrade using suspension bridge pattern

A couple of years ago we did some fairly radical surgery on our hall and stairs, to make the hall a lot lighter. One of the key parts was to change the bannister and ballustrade from solid dark wood to … Continue reading

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Volvic abusing cognitive biases

There is an advert running on the Radio at the moment from Volvic saying that for every litre of their bottled water you buy, they will fund 10 litres of water in Africa (more info here). Quite apart from the … Continue reading

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Finished the 12v time switch

I posted about my 12 volt timer conversion a couple of weeks ago (see here). It’s now all done, and sitting in the greenhouse running the hydroponics pump very nicely. There were a few minor bumps along the way, so … Continue reading

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