Music while you work

|I have a flat in Cardiff that I use for a couple of nights a week – better than a hotel as I can cook my own food, leave things down here and the like. But, until now it’s been very very quiet, and there’s no television since I hardly ever watch it anyway. I have found the lack of background noise quite offputting, and wearing headphones to listen to an MP3 player doesn’t seem right. So, last night I got some powered speakers, and hooked the MP3 up to that … and it’s lovely. Foo Fighters, Karl Jenkins ‘The Armed Man’ and various stuff.

It’s reminded me again how much better I work when there is music, and some rather silly conversations I had with folks a few years ago who took offence to people who were working in the office wearing headphones – right down there with needing to wear a tie or you wouldn’t be able to work (blood might get to the head?).

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