Loving the seasons changing

I woke up this morning to the sound of birdsong. We have loads of trees and bushes around us, and have the window open at night, so they are very audible … and every spring I love becoming aware that they are singing in the morning. It’s like a very civilised alarm clock that gently wakes you enough to decide whether you want to luxuriate in bed, or get up bright and early.

But, for me it’s not just the start of spring I love. I love the long nights of summer when one can sit out putting the world to rights until late in the night. And the autumn freshness in the air, and the winter frost. I also like the unexpectedness in the UK – you can’t really predict when it will change, unlike the metronomic regularity of some countries.

So, whilst it can sometimes feel like a wet, foggy, dark and cold place for weeks, all in all I like the UK weather.

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One Response to Loving the seasons changing

  1. Jim Pye says:

    How I agree. Having just invested in a state-of-the-art hearing aid, I am now hearing the higher pitched sounds so much more easily and so the bird-song we hear at this time of the year is just magical and I can really appreciate it properly. Let’s hope the birds do not have as much of a problem finding/building ‘starter homes’ as many others and their building materials are so much greener than mankind’s.
    This comment to let you know that your blogs are not being overlooked.

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