The UK is quite hot enough

The weather has been glorious for the last few days, and for me yesterday was spot on – low to mid 20’s.  I was remembering trips to Spain where it felt like you had to survive the middle of the day, not enjoy it.  It has it’s time of course – we went for a few days last year, but we were exchanging miserable rain in the UK for a bit of dryness, not mild warmth for scorching heat.  And, if I compare it to the hot and humid spots in the US, I’d rather have rain.

Anyway, for me the weather’s great – just right for Barbies, and sitting outside putting the world to rights.  I’m looking forward to the long days when we can sit outside until gone 10 and still have light.  Looks like similar weather today, and I think a pootling about & chilling day is in order.

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